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GoldPan ™ is designed for managers of small and large projects ranging from a few tasks to thousands of tasks. GoldPan allows you to develop a plan and to schedule tasks, identify scenarios containing decision points, risks and rewards, and to analyze the complex impacts of these scenarios on your plan. GoldPan imports plans and schedules from Microsoft Project '98 and 2000. In GoldPan you can characterize impacts to the plan and then export an adjusted plan and schedule to Microsoft Project.

GoldPan works with "WhatIf's" that characterize impacts to your system, process or plan. A WhatIf is something that can happen or an error in judgement that can materialize as the process goes along. You can define as many WhatIf's, and time them with your process, as you want. Then GoldPan will integrate all of them with your process and create an expected result.

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